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Name:Dustin Scott (戦士)
Birthdate:Sep 18
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Hi. I'm Dustin; Danie if you really insist. I am twenty-five, and live for sleeping, reading, and my friends. Step into the strange place that is my life, but only if you prove you can handle it.

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adam lambert, alexander skarsgård, alice cullen, anime, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, aya, barnes & noble, best friends, bill kaulitz, bisexuality, biting, blankets, blondes, blood, bondage, bookstores, boots, bradley james, california, care bears, castle, cats, christian kane, cinema bizarre, colin morgan, colors, dean winchester, dodge calibers, domination, draco malfoy, dragons, dreams, driving, driving in the sun, eliot spencer, emmett cullen, eric northman, eric/godric, eric/sookie, faeries, fire, florida, gay boys, gay porn, georgia, gone with the wind, hair dye, harry/draco, history, homosexuality, hoodies, hoyt/jessica, immortality, ireland, jade bracelets, japanese boys, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jasper hale, jensen ackles, kadaj, kate beckett, legally blonde the musical, legolas, leverage, lightning, manga, merlin, messenger bags, misha collins, moriyama eiji, music, my little pony, nevada tan, pain, panik, piercings, pillows, porn, pornography, queer as folk, rainbow brite, rainbows, reading, rent, repo! the genetic opera, rick castle, rosalie hale, sam winchester, sam/dean, schuldig, sex, shirota yuu, silver, singing, sleep, sleeping in the sun, slytherin, sparkles, stars and moons, stitch, submission, sun, sunglasses, sunsets, supernatural, sweeney todd, tattoos, telepaths, tenimyu, the night, the old south, thunderstorms, tinkerbell, tokio hotel, traveling, true blood, twilight series, vampires, vampyrs, voyeurism, warm nights, warm rain, water, weiss kreuz, wicked, wincest, wings, yaoi
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